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  • smell

    Mesopotamia Türkiye

    Mesopotamia is a history center, host of natural beauty. It is also a gastronomic region and a source of healing. Mesopotamia is a fertile land that is a source of life for everyone with its freshwater, fresh air, delicious and fragrant food, plants, and flowers that are a source of healing with its smell.

    Yes, Mesopotamia is a source of healing. Plants of the region with beautiful odors make this region a source of healing. Besides, many fruits grown on the soil of this region create resources for healthy nutrition.

    Mesopotamia is flavor. Many cities with world-famous cuisine are in this area. The fertile soils of Mesopotamia give these cuisines a magnificent smell and taste.

    Walnuts and peanuts are used to make desserts. Tomatoes and peppers are the main ingredients of tomato paste, which are used in many dishes. Thyme, both with its smell and taste, add flavor to kebabs. Kebabs smell good enough to make someone feel hungry. Dozens of different kebab restaurants in the area await visitors with their magnificent smell.

    And Mesopotamia smells good, very good. A variety of different plants, such as flowers and healing herbs, create this beautiful smell. The prominent of these plants are purple basil, apple blossom, fig blossom, campanula, mulberry, pepper, ışkın otu, crown imperial, fragrant grapes, common hawthorn, hastülübaş, almond blossom, walnut, cornflower, Malatya hornwort, Malatya astragalus, bluebell, mountain garlic, perforate St John’s-wort, pomegranate blossom, mountain pear, yemişen, fleaworts, tomato, thyme, rose, sweet basil, za’atar, orchid, laurus.