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  • Mesopotamia – Beyond a Land

    Mesopotamia, which draws people with its fertile land from past to today, is the place where civilization's history began; humankind abandoned nomadic life to become sedentary; humanity started growing wheat; first villages, cities, and empires were established; writing was invented.


    Mesopotamia Türkiye

    Mesopotamia, the place where everything started, promises its visitors thrilling experiences. You can watch an amazing sunset, see northern bald ibises which are on the brink of extinction, or visit the “End of the World” on these soils.


    Mesopotamia Türkiye

    Mesopotamia is not only famous for its history and culture but also for its unique flavors. The local culinary culture is truly unforgettable and promises to delight visitors.


    Mesopotamia Türkiye

    Mesopotamia is a history center, host of natural beauty. It is also a gastronomic region and a source of healing.


    Mesopotamia Türkiye

    The Euphrates River, as well as the neighbouring Tigris River, played an essential role in the development of the civilizations that started in Mesopotamia and marked the beginning of history.


    Mesopotamia Türkiye

    It is believed that Prophet Ayyub prayed by saying: "My God! My body is surrounded with weakness and debility because of illness. I have no strength left for invocation and I am deprived of mercy.


    Mesopotamia Türkiye

    This minimum 9-day tour will lead you to discover Mesopotamia’s history, culture, nature, and gastronomy.